Health Benefits of Oregano Oil, the King of Essential Oils

Oregano is a affiliate of the excellent family. The accomplished assemble abstract has over 30 alive compounds; the a lot of alive compounds getting carvacrol and thymol. I accede Oregano Oil to be the baron of capital oils because of its abounding benign healing properties.

Oregano oil is a almighty and able antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic and even an antioxidant.

It can advice allay your physique in abundant ways.

A aggregation of British and Indian advisers apparent that oil of oregano is such a almighty antibacterial that it is added able at killing MRSA than 18 added antibiotics(1)


Oil of Oregano helps allay viral and bacterial infections such as colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and even staphylococcal pneumonia.


Oregano Oil can advice annihilate Candida, which is a aggrandize overgrowth in your gut and can aswell allay toenail fungus.


It is able in eliminating amoeba giardia in the gut which is a diminutive bacilli and it even kills lice if activated topically.

Food Borne Illnesses:

Oregano oil can annihilate bacilli that causes aliment contagion such as e-coli, salmonella and listeria.


It helps to cure acquaintance dermatitis such as rashes like adulteration Ivy and it helps to allay bug bites. You can even use it as a mosquito repellent. Simply mix a few drops with a carrier oil such as attic oil and rub it on. You ability that appears to smell like oregano, but it’s bigger than smelling like DEET, if you ask me!

Oregano Oil finer heals algid sores and even acne.


Oil affairs with a few drops of oil of oregano alloyed with attic oil helps to allay gingivitis, tooth infections and bad animation acquired by bacilli in your mouth. Swish the oils in your aperture for about 5 minutes, again discharge it out and rinse. Never absorb the oil as it will be abounding of the bacilli that it captivated from your mouth.

Immune System:

Oregano oil is an antioxidant. It has been apparent to access glutathione(3) levels which is the bodies adept antioxidant that helps to addition your allowed system, annihilate toxins, annihilate chargeless radicals and access activity levels.


Research has apparent that Oregano oil is even able at inhibiting blight corpuscle growth.(2)

What affectionate of Oil of Oregano should you get?

There are several kinds on the market, there are Spanish or Mexican oregano oils or able oils, you don’t wish those oils, they do not accept any alleviative properties. There are connected oils, and commonly those will not be any acceptable either because they usually accept added constructed carvacrol. You wish to buy a cast that is agrarian Mediterranean, adopted and beef distilled.

How do you use Oregano Oil?

There are several means you can yield Oregano oil. You can rub a few drops with a carrier oil (i.e. attic oil or olive oil) on the basal of your anxiety or on your chest if you accept a respiratory ailment. You can put a few drops beneath your argot which helps it get into your claret beck quicker, but it will burn! You can yield oregano oil capsules and you can add 5 or 6 drops to some baptize and alcohol it. You can aswell mix a few drops with a carrier oil and administer topically to the assorted derma ailments mentioned.

As acceptable Oil of Oregano is a food, it is safe to yield circadian for bloom maintenance. If you are demography ample doses, you should aswell accede demography a acceptable probiotic as it may aswell annihilate some acceptable bacilli in your gut.

Sources and References:

1) Medical News Today, November 2008

2) Pubmed, October 2014

3) Journal of Agriculture and Aliment Chemistry, April 1991